There’s a lot to explore in the Sebring area, and keeping up with the latest happenings for your favorite spots can be hard to juggle, whether it’s planning for weekly events or learning about the newest menu items. Fortunately, social media helps you connect with more than just friends and family, it keeps you in touch with your favorite brands and businesses, too. We’ve put together a list of Instagram accounts to follow in the Sebring area to not only spice up your feed but to also help you stay in the know.

Sebring Raceway

Feel the need for speed and add a touch of thrill to your Instagram feed with America’s premier endurance racetrack. Followers can expect the latest updates on wins, losses, and raceway happenings while staying in tune with some of their favorite race cars and drivers. Find yourself immersed in the history of the famous racetrack with flashback posts dating back to when it all started or get acquainted with some of the best cars to hit the tracks. There’s a lot to love and learn on Sebring Raceway’s Instagram. Find yourself at the edge of your seat and cheer on your favorites with a follow. Coming in at 22.2K followers, Sebring Raceway brings together locals and visitors alike to relive the rush of the raceway wherever you are.

Morty and Edna’s

The Sebring area prides itself on small businesses—and this one prides itself on their homecooked-style meals that offer a little something for everyone. Morty and Edna’s is a husband-and-wife-owned café located in Lake Placid that brings back the flavors of childhood and the warm feelings of a family home. The sweet story of how this café came to be has won over the hearts of customers, and their Instagram feed has certainly won over their appetites. Full of vibrant dishes and rich desserts, this craft kitchen is one to follow on social media. So, give this local favorite a follow and stay up to date on lunch specials, new menu items, and current hours.

Chicanes Restaurant

Another mouthwatering handle to add to the list, Chicanes Restaurant and Bar carries its light, contemporary atmosphere into its Instagram aesthetic with snapshots of savory dishes and modern interior details. Followers are enticed to stop by for lunch or stay awhile at Inn on the Lakes to soak in the scenic sights while feasting at one of the finest dining spots in Sebring. With an everchanging menu and seasonal selections in the mix, the Chicanes Instagram is a central spot to stay in the know of restaurant happenings and maybe even inspire your taste buds to try a new dish during your next visit.

Sugar Sand Distillery

Nothing breaks up the Instagram feed more than a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer day. Known as Florida’s only estate-grown sugarcane, Sugar Sand Distillery is a true farm-to-bottle operation that attracts visitors for its tours and tastings in the heart of Lake Placid. The distillery is home to popular spirits including rum, vodka, gin, and moonshine, and their Instagram posts feature exclusive cocktail recipes to pair with a fun-filled weekend. Recently praised for producing homemade hand sanitizers during the shortages due to COVID-19, Sugar Sand Distillery does more than offer a good time for locals and visitors, it brings the community together when they need it the most. So, we invite you to quench your thirst and support this one-of-a-kind distillery with a follow—you won’t regret it.

Archbold Biological Station

Get familiar with the wetlands and wildlife of Florida when you follow Archbold Biological Station. This nonprofit research institute is dedicated to ecological research and real conservation solutions for the diverse ecosystems that call this state home. Take an up-close and personal look at rare species through the Instagram page and learn how you can help build a sustainable environment for not only yourself but also your neighbors in nature. So, hit follow and get ready to be wowed by what lives in Sebring’s backyard.

From foodies to adrenaline junkies, the Sebring area welcomes all, and one of the best ways to stay in touch with local establishments is through social media. Start your digital exploration with these Instagram accounts and discover even more by giving our own Visit Sebring page a follow, too!