A Modern Day Treasure Hunt

It doesn’t seem like nearly 20 years ago now that I first hit the road with my kiddo to discover a new craze called Geocaching. This modern day treasure hunt was a way to combine a few of my favorite things: road trips, spending time with my daughter, and exploring the outdoors.

A Star-Spangled Vacation in Sebring, Florida

It was a pleasant and familiar drive. The lush landscape was unable to make up its mind, switching from tree-lined roads and sunny cityscapes to scattered lakes and ponds—and of course the occasional orange grove. My husband, Sean, and I had driven through Florida many times over the years.

Fizzy Family Fun in Sebring, Florida

Our family was ready for a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of work and school life, so we decided to take a mini Spring Break to Sebring.

Get Down to Earth & Experience Life on the Farm

Get ready to experience an engaging slice of farm life while being educated and entertained.

Pace Yourself: Discover Untamed Florida on an Outdoor Adventure

When the great outdoors call your name, you can’t help but answer. Between lush flora, exotic and endangered animals and ample recreational opportunities, there are many reasons to explore Sebring.

Refresh & Refuel: Explore Amazing Dining Options in Sebring

Whether dining is a highlight of your vacation or a quick stop between activities, you’ll discover delicious options throughout the Sebring area.

Mancation Vacation: From High Speed Pursuits to Complete Relaxation

From high-speed pursuits to complete relaxation, Sebring is the perfect destination for a guys’ getaway

Top Things to Do Around Sebring

The Sebring area is one of Florida’s best-kept secrets. When you vacation here, there are surprises at every turn in the road. You can tread through the realm of the Florida panther and black bear in one of the state’s oldest parks one day and carve a wake in this land of many lakes the next.

Deep in the Art of Florida

When I explore Florida, I discover more than one state. There’s the rural Panhandle, the tranquil southern Gulf Coast, cosmopolitan Miami and the theme-park capital of Orlando.

Florida’s Solution to the Daily Grind

The ascent—or descent­, depending on how you looked at it—into the grind of our daily lives was so slow, we didn’t notice it creep up on us. Late nights at work became the rule, not the exception, for both of us.

Choose Your Vacation Speed in Sebring

If you’ve taken more than two vacations, you may already know that no two are the same. Chances are you’ve found satisfaction in the heavenly glow of a glorious sunset or, perhaps, found yourself by simply getting lost in the beauty of a painting.