Organically Local

We had an idea… that in such a close knit small town we could gather together like minded people sharing the same passion for farming and healthy sustainable lifestyles, combine their talents, and bring a one stop shop for Locally grown, harvested and handmade products all in one place. We wanted to focus on backyard growers, Our Locals, “Florida Crackers” if you will, and give an opportunity to everyone to gather under one roof and share their talented hard work. It was a MUST to have REAL families incorporated here, doing BIG things on a mere chance they took because the passion of sustainability and healthy living was so important to provide for their families. It was equally important as a 4th generation Sebring Local as well as a 4th generation business owner on this very block to execute a business that was substantial enough to not only be successful but to help our community in such a way it would leave a lasting impression for generations to come. We hope you love this place as much as we do! Local Sebring

123 N Ridgewood Dr., Sebring, FL 33870

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