Morty & Edna’s Craft Kitchen

If you are looking for American comfort food that “hugs you from the inside” then you’re in for a treat! Morty & Edna’s, located at the Journal Plaza in Lake Placid, was born out of a love for small-town living and grandma’s cooking. “My goal as a chef is that when you eat my food, you leave here and call your grandma,” says Joey, head chef and one of the two owners. Joey and Eli, owner part two, found their way to opening Morty & Edna’s by chance. While visiting family they stumbled upon the location and fell in love with the restaurant and said to each other “if we opened a place of our own, this is exactly what we would want.” Soon after, they found out that the exact location was for sale, a perfect coincidence. They knew then that it was meant to be and the rest is history.

231 N. Main Ave, Lake Placid, FL 33852

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(863) 699-0600

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