Youth wrestling tournaments will have a new look as BonoBilt launches its event schedule in 2021, starting with the inaugural Sunshine State Showdown in Sebring, Fla.

               The brainchild of former Bolles star wrestler Ernie Bono, the tournament will feature instructional opportunities prior to two days of competition, bringing in some of the top collegiate coaches in the country.  Further separating their events from other tournaments is the online coverage of the event, with every match broadcast live through the BonoBilt online platform.

               “We are excited to launch BonoBilt’s first youth tournament in our home state and help the sport continue to grow,” said Ernie Bono, CEO of BonoBilt.  “Wrestling is a major sport in the state of Florida, and we look forward to providing all the youth wrestlers a great weekend of competition, but also the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the top names in USA wrestling.”

               Airstream Ventures will partner with BonoBilt to ensure each event has a first-class experience, from registration to the handing of the championship awards, as well as with destinations and venues to create a nationwide schedule.

               “What Ernie and the team at BonoBilt are creating is going to be a game-changer in the wrestling world,” said Alan Verlander, CEO of Airstream Ventures.  “We are proud to work with them in launching their program and creating a nationwide tour of events that will help drive interest as well as competition for the sport.”

               BonoBilt started its online platform in January 2021, with fresh content each week including a weekly motivational blog from Chris Bono, a weekly interview show with 2011 national champion Jon Reader, and weekly Q&A with national champion Seth Gross.

               The tournaments will be broadcast through the online platform, with all eight mats available on the live stream.

               “Our events are going to feature a lot of competition for the young athletes, but we’re also wanting to make sure they and their coaches learn from some of the best in the business,” Bono said.  “We want to continue building wrestling and keep the young men and women in the sport involved to compete at the highest level they possibly can.”

               BonoBilt’s first youth tournament comes to Sebring, an ideal location to draw participants from across the Southeast.

               “We are honored to host the first BonoBilt youth tournament in Sebring and expand our sporting event portfolio,” said Casey Hartt, tourism consultant for Visit Sebring.  “We look forward to providing all of the youth wrestlers and their families a great experience during the Sunshine State Showdown.”

               “Sebring has a great facility at the Alan Jay Arena, and its location in the heart of central Florida makes it an ideal destination for our first youth tournament,” Bono said.  “Wrestling in a great venue, with great instruction, among great competitors is why we created our events.  We look forward to everyone having a first-class experience with the Sunshine State Showdown.”

               To find out more about the event, visit their Rokfin channel –

Registration opens on Feb. 22 at 10 a.m.