Little Lake Bonnet Boat Ramp

Highlands County Partner Agency Ownership/Access Government Owned for General Public Use
Latitude 27° 33.738’ Longitude 81° 28.392’


Water Type

Ramp Construction
Poured in Place Concrete

Ramp Condition
Good to Excellent

Ramp Capacity
Single Lane

Vehicle with Trailer 5
Vehicle Only 0
Handicap with Trailer 0
Handicap Vehicle Only 0

Parking Surface

Parking Condition
Parking Along Shoulder of Access Road


Little Lake Bonnet, in Highlands County, Florida, is about 1,000 ft (305 m) west of Lake Letta and about twice as far south of Lake Lotela. This lake is bounded on the southwest by a rail line and on the southeast and part of the north side by citrus groves. Woods are on the east, part of the west and part of the north. A golf course borders
Little Bonnet Lake on the northwest.

On the lake’s northeast shore is a public boat ramp, that is reached by going through the area’s golf course. A canal allows boats to travel east to Lake Letta and by a series of canals a number of area lakes may be accessed from Little Bonnet Lake. There are no public swimming beaches, but fishing is allowed, the lake contains blue catfish, gar and bowfin.

27.5620°N 81.4759°W

Maximum Length
0.5-Mile (0.80 km)

Maximum Width
0.35-Mile (0.56 km)

Surface Area
74.3 Acres (30 ha)

Surface Elevation
95 Feet (29 m)

  • Freshwater Lake
  • Good to Excellent Ramp Conditions
  • Poured in Place Concrete

2300 Little Lake Bonnet Rd, Avon Park, FL 33825, USA

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