Lake Clay – North Side Boat Ramp

Highlands County Partner Agency Ownership/Access Government Owned for General Public Use
Latitude 27° 18.9024’ Longitude 81° 21.2178’


Water Type

Ramp Construction
Poured in Place Concrete

Ramp Condition
Good to Excellent

Ramp Capacity
Single Lane 1

Vehicle with Trailer 20
Vehicle Only 0
Handicap with Trailer 0
Handicap Vehicle Only 0

Parking Surface

Parking Condition


Picnic Facilities

Lake Clay, on the north edge of Lake Placid, Florida, has a surface area of 353.33-acre (1,429,900 m2). Lake Clay is almost completely sourrounded by residences. Only a few small grassy undeveloped areas exist around the lake.

Lake Clay has public access at two public boat ramps. One is on the east side of the lake, at 1650 Lake Clay Drive, and the other is on the west side, at 1300 Lake Clay Drive. Lake Clay Drive surrounds three-fourths of Lake Clay. The lake has no public swimming beach. There is no information about the types of fish in the lake available.

27.3098°N 81.3484°W

Maximum Length
3,490 Feet (1,060 m)

Maximum Width
2,805 Feet (855 m)

Surface Area
353.33 Acres (143 ha)

Maximum Depth
29 Feet (8.8 m)

Surface Elevation
75 Feet (23 m)

1300 Lake Clay Dr, Lake Placid, FL 33852, USA

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