Florida Boys Caladiums

We are located in Lake Placid, Florida, the “Caladium Capital of the World”. We are fourth-generation caladium farmers so we have plenty of knowledge in assuring that you will receive a high-quality product. Our parents, Jason, and Sandi Holmes are creating this business in mind to build it so that it will keep us busy and hopefully out of trouble by the time we are in high school. Our parents started wholesaling caladiums in 1999 so they are very experienced in what they do. Under their watchful eye, they will help us learn what it takes to make a customer happy with our bulbs. Our dad works in the fields and the packing barn while mom will take care of the office and help packing of the orders. We look forward to hearing from you. Caladiums add beautiful color to your yards and gardens. They add a rainbow of color anywhere you plant them. Either it is around trees, along sidewalks, or as a border in your landscape, they are very easy to plant and maintain. In your box, you will find planting and growing instructions. Please check out our store where you will find out all you need to know to get your box of color heading your way.

The Boys in a Caladium Field

Photo credit: floridaboyscaladiums.com

271 Holmes Ave, Lake Placid, FL 33852, USA

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