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Sebring is located just 60 miles south of Disney and within a 1.5-3-hour drive from most major Florida cities, such as Sarasota, Naples, Palm Beach, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Bradenton, Ft, Myers, Orlando and Tampa. For a list of hotels in the area, visit VisitSebring.com/accommodations.

No, festival admission is “FREE” to the public, but you will need to purchase a Punch Card to participate in the tasting.  Punch card costs range from $5-$20 depending on number of tastings.

Your family and friends, a good lawn chair, picnic blanket, sunscreen and most importantly an open mind to the plethora of tasting sensations.

ATM at the bank, ADA restroom facilities, shuttle service to and from satellite parking, and shaded picnic areas.

Yes!  But please keep him/her on a leash and pick up the tootsies.

Yes, we have plenty of great opportunities to get involved. If you or your group would like to volunteer or help with this years festival please click here for more information!

NO WAY! What kind of diehard soda freaks would cancel due to rain?  All efforts are made to ensure that the show will go on as long as it is safe for our guests and the performers. Sebring Soda Fest is rain or shine, be prepared for extremes such as heat, wind or rain.  IF the weather is dangerous, we will shut down the event during the danger and will reopen when it passes (if the danger is after 5pm, we might have to shut down early).

Yes, photography and videography is allowed and we would love you to share your great images with us on our social media channels @SebringSodaFest (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Hash tag #SebringSodaFest

Applications are online and are open for submissions. Click here for vendor information.

Yes there is plenty of free parking close to the festival. During the festival there is no parking permitted in NO PARKING posted areas (you WILL be towed if parked here). Parking (see festival guide) is also available within easy walking distance of the festival, as well as free shuttling to and from the satellite parking areas.

An ATM is located just two blocks off Circle Park at Harbor Community Bank located at 205 W. Center Avenue.

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