The songs of Elvis Presley form the backdrop for this musical about a mysterious, leather-jacketed stranger who shakes up a small Midwestern town in the 1950s. Librettist Joe DiPietro’s tale of the cross-dressing, mistaken identity and romance that ensue was inspired by TWELFTH NIGHT and other Shakespearean comedies. Just to make things perfectly clear — and to forestall disappointment for a certain fans — there are no bona fide Elvis impersonators in view.  Chad arrives in a small Midwestern town that is smarting under an inhibiting “decency proclamation,” instituted by its uptight mayor and teaches the squares how to swing. Natalie, the local ‘grease monkey’, falls for him and disguises herself as a man to win his affections. A rotating cast of characters, including the diner owner, her daughter, a strict mayor, police, and ruffians engage in convoluted love plots throughout the show.

March 23 – April 28, 2018